The Herniated Disc

The Herniated disc is a small fragment of the disc nucleus that has been pushed out to the annulus, through the spinal canal. This disc that becomes herniated due to the age mostly herniated disc can happen to senior citizens. Some are herniated due to injury or accidents this includes falling from a high place, sports injuries, or sometimes hereditary. Symptoms are normally backaches, weakness in the spine, and numbness in the lower back, but since most people have remedies for this kind of back pain such as salonpas, ointments, and massage therapy they tend to ignore the real cause of the back pains because it comes and goes away.

The treatment for a herniated disc can be surgical or non-surgical if the pain is only mild to moderate the patient may just have to decrease his/her physical activities for a few weeks to decrease the inflammation in the spine. Steroid injection is also given to direct the medication to the exact source of pain in the herniated disc. But the most common treatment maybe the physical therapy which will basically involve certain exercises, muscle stimulation, and stretching exercises that help the herniated disc slowly recover, and with the patient will to recover and help his/herself in the process.

The surgical treatment is recommended if the patient is still experiencing intolerable pain, and the pain has gotten worse over time, then the patient must undergo surgery by replacing the deteriorated or damaged herniated disc with a thin sheet of titanium metal plates that would now act as the new herniated disc which can indestructible and last a lifetime. Most patients who undergo this procedure are senior citizens and professional athletes because of the heavy physical activities the herniated disc can degenerate at more fast-paced, while in the senior citizens it deteriorates due to age.

To keep the spine and healthy and free from damage keep the heavy physical activities to a minimum to avoid certain inflammations, regular exercise, healthy eating, and regular check-up to the doctor this would be a big factor in keeping the spine healthy and if a certain accident has occurred immediately go to a hospital to check if there is any damage to the spine because if an injury to the spine is continually ignored it might lead to a more serious injury such as paralysis and osteoporosis for a lifetime that could severely be a burden to the patient and to his/her families.…