The Process Of Finding A Real Estate Lawyer

It is recommended that you find an excellent real estate lawyer the minute you decide to co-own a property—a lawyer who knows how to win a partition action. Most people find this process unnecessary because they do not anticipate the said partnership to end—for example, lovers who co-own homes do not see themselves splitting up in the future. However, there may come a time when both your interests deviate, and then, you will need a real estate lawyer who knows how to win a partition action.

Finding a good real estate lawyer is not as hard as it may seem. There are a few basic guidelines for you to follow. These are;

Do your research

To find a good lawyer, you need to research using all available resources. For instance, use the internet to source for the best real estate lawyers within your geographical area. You could talk to your friends, ask for recommendations, or even go to your real estate agent and ask for help. This way, you will have many options at your disposal before making the most suitable choice.


Once you have a list of your possible lawyers, you will need to vet them all and identify the one that highlights your needs best. You can do this using interviews where you question them using a questionnaire of your choice. An example of a questionnaire is;

· For how long have you actively practiced law?

· For how long have you practiced law as a real estate attorney?

· What is your success rate with partition action cases?

· Judging from the information I have given you, how long do you estimate my case to take?

· From the information given, what would be your recommended course of action?

· Will there be more lawyers from your firm working on my case?

· What are your rates per hour?

· What is your billing system?

The above process will help the lawyer know the client they are dealing with by showing them that you have taken time to do your research and are goal-oriented and unwilling to take chances. When they feel you to be a winner, they will treat you like a winner.

It also helps you as the client to establish trust and a level of understanding with the real estate lawyers. By asking questions, you gauge the attorneys’ competency and choose the one you feel has the most experience and likelihood to help you win the partition action.…