Why is the Loyalty That Results From Building Relationships so Important?

Employees are the backbone of every business. A hardworking, efficient employee that is loyal to the company and wants to help the business grow is worth their weight in gold. So how do you turn a “punch in, punch out” worker with no investment in the company into a valuable loyal employee? Here are a few tips on how to create loyal employees and reward them for their involvement in the company:

Be Selective

Not everyone is a right fit for every company. Weed out employees through an intensive interview and trial period to determine if they will fit within the ecosystem of your business. There’s no faster way to turn-off an employee that’s been a hard worker and with you for years than to force them to work with someone who just “doesn’t gel”.

Ask Current Employees To Be Part of Hiring New Ones

A happy and productive work environment is one of the most important aspects of your business. As you’re searching for the right person to hire, ask your current employees to be part of this process. They are going to need to spend more time with this new hire than you are, so you want to make sure that everyone gets along. Also, this makes your current employees feel like they have a say in the company and that they are being included in company decisions, which ultimately makes them feel like their opinion is valued.

Plan Check-ins

Check in with your employees, and not just on a daily task level. Take the time to ask them if there is anything they’re unhappy with at the office. See if there’s anything they need to make their job easier so that they can be more productive. This type of relationship will not only nurture an environment for more loyal employees, but will also make your current employees more productive and happier in the workplace by catering to their needs.

Offer Office Perks

A few small perks in the office can go along way. Order a monthly snack box subscription which offers a few tasty goodies for your employees. It’s a small gesture to keep them happy, feel appreciated, and also to break up the monotony of the day. Investing in a water delivery service which brings flavored water to the office is another great small perk to show your employees that you appreciate their work.

Encourage Work Friendships

Having friends at work will make your employees more excited to come to work and also more loyal to the company overall as it will feel more like a family. Schedule office outings where employees can leave a little early on a Friday to get an after work drink together, or go to a lunch together. Creating strong relationships outside of the work environment will benefit everyone at the company.

Offer Additional Benefits

Nothing will keep an employee at your company for longer than great healthcare and other benefits. In the constructs of our society, these are an absolute must. While it is an added expense for you as an employer, it’s a great way to create a loyal workforce that will not want to leave because of all of the additional benefits you’re offering for not only their job, but lives in general.